Halseys Deli

"The food, the ambiance and the helpful staff... I just love Halseys and always find a reason to go in there to treat myself. Their hot pork baps are a favourite, as are theire pre-made sandwiches for lunch. I'm pleased they've extended the space for more seating. And that they have an outside stall once in a while. Historic, unique Hitchin at it's best!"

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Welcome to our online deli. The perfect place to find something deliciously different for you or someone special. Our range of food and gifts includes over 80 of the best artisan cheeses from around the world, home cooked hams, pies, loose leaf teas and coffee beans .. as well as deli essentials from the finest producers. Also, keep up to date with what's going on at the deli in Hitchin. We regularly hold cheese and wine evenings, tapas nights, one pot Thursdays and our renowned local food evenings.

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